The Snohomish County Labor Council and Its Purpose

The Snohomish County Labor Council is a federation of 63 unions in Snohomish County. Those unions represent 42,000 working families for the purpose of bargaining wages/salaries and working conditions with their employers.

The Labor Council and its member unions are dedicated to helping workers organize their workplaces so that they are ensured economic justice and dignity.

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Published in, Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Lingering Labor Shortage: 69% of Construction Firms Struggling to Fill Hourly Craft Positions

By Emily Peiffer

It’s time to stop telling children that their only path to success is a four-year college degree.

"Despite the 10% decline in firms having difficulty finding craft workers between 2015 and 2016, the 69% figure still represents a majority of the industry, and the AGC once again called on states and the federal government to promote technical training at the middle and high school levels."

  • A nationwide survey of 1,459 contractors — conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America during July and August — found that 69% are having difficulty finding workers to fill hourly craft positions.

  • Despite the fact that the 69% figure is 10% lower than last year's numbers, 75% of construction firms in this year's survey said they believe it will be difficult to find hourly craft workers over the next year. 

  • Aside from the high percentage of firms reporting difficulty finding hourly craft workers, 38% reported difficulty hiring salaried field positions, 33% reported difficulty hiring salaried office positions, and 15% reported difficulty hiring hourly office positions.

As a result of the ongoing labor shortage, 48% of surveyed companies said they have increased pay for hourly craft workers, 48% have ramped up in-house training, and 47% have added more overtime hours. Read entire article

Published in, updated Thursday, September 15, 2016

“I’m in a Union. You’re Welcome.” How Having Strong Labor Unions Helps Everyone Who Works Earn More

A new study shows that if unions were stronger, wages would be higher for union members and nonmembers alike.

By Angelo Young

Millions of Americans today earn less than their predecessors did 40 years ago, adjusted for inflation, and a big reason for that is declining private-sector union membership — which has dropped from a third of all private-sector employees to just 6.7 percent today.

A new study released today by the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit that advocates for people of low and middle income, has attempted to quantify how much today’s nonunion workers would have benefitted if union membership remained as at the levels of 1979. The main takeaway: The typical full-time private-sector worker — whether a union member or not — would be making thousands of dollars more a year now if unions had the power they once did to influence a state’s or region’s standard wages and benefits packages. Read entire article

TPP: The Next Big Free Trade Mistake

Fast Track Fact #1: Costs Jobs

Trade policies adopted under Fast Track have cost us more than 1 million jobs and contributed to the shuttering of more than 60,000 factories.

Call Congress: 1-855-712-8441 and Say NO to Fast Track

Source: AFL-CIO

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