Vote for Everett Schools August 4th

We recommend a 'Yes' vote for the Everett schools bond on August 4th. The bond will relieve classroom overcrowding, improve safety and security, create jobs, and keep the local tax rate low, just to a name a few.

Top 10 Reasons to Vote Yes | Bond Projects Map


2020 Worker's Memorial Service

The Snohomish & Island County Labor Council and Its Purpose


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We are looking for volunteers to help with various upcoming Union events.

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The Snohomish and Island County Labor Council is a federation of 63 unions in Snohomish and Island counties. Those unions represent 42,000 working families for the purpose of bargaining wages/salaries and working conditions with their employers.

The Labor Council and its member unions are dedicated to helping workers organize their workplaces so that they are ensured economic justice and dignity.

Need Help During the Pandemic? The SICLC Hardship Fund Can Help

The newly founded SICLC Hardship Fund offers Union members in need assistance during this crisis. Reach out to your Local's Business Agent for guidance. In response to the hardships caused by this pandemic, the Council felt it was important to provide fast, local support available to our members.

Find Out More and Apply for Hardship Funds

Kroger Backs Down, Will Hand Out More 'Thank You' Pay to Frontline Supermarket Workers

Kroger says it will give "thank you" pay to frontline workers through mid-June – just days after saying it would end extra "hero" hazard pay to workers. Read Article

Fraudsters are Faking Washington Unemployment Claims Amid Coronavirus Joblessness Surge

As Washington grapples with a tsunami of legitimate unemployment claims, the state also is seeing a rise in attempts by fraudsters to siphon off a portion of the benefits. Read Article

American Airlines Reaches $4.2 Billion Deal With Mechanics and Fleet Service

A tentative contract agreement has been reached with the unions representing its mechanics and fleet service workers that boosts profit sharing and caps offshore work. Read Article

National Letter Carriers' Food Drive is Online Only This Year

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this annual food drive to supply local food banks with lots of food is going online this year. Find out more by downloading the flyer. Download Food Drive Flyer

State's Healthcare Unions Demand Necessary Protective Equipment

Largest hospital and clinic unions call for highest possible level of personal protec­tion for caregivers during COVID-19 outbreak. Read Article

Where Coronavirus Crisis Has Hit Workers the Hardest

During the coronavirus pandemic, job losses from the escalating public-health crisis haven’t hit evenly across the state. Read Article