Support Our Veterans!

Veterans from all generations are processing the news of what is unfolding in Afghanistan. We want to support them during this concerning time. Find Veteran Resources

The Living Wage for Snohomish County

The living wage is the hourly rate that an individual in a household must earn to support his or herself and their family. Find Out More

It Pays to be UNION!

• Union workers' median weekly earnings are 16% higher than their nonunion counterparts

• Median wages for women Union workers are 20% higer than nonunion women

• Median wages for African American Union workers are 27% higher than nonunion African American workers

• Median wages for Latino Union workers are 39% higher than nonunion Latino workers

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SICLC Election Endorsements

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The Snohomish & Island County Labor Council and Its Purpose

The Snohomish and Island County Labor Council is a federation of 64 unions in Snohomish and Island counties. Those unions represent 42,000 working families for the purpose of bargaining wages/salaries and working conditions with their employers.

The Labor Council and its member unions are dedicated to helping workers organize their workplaces so that they are ensured economic justice and dignity.

Support Unions! Buy Union-Made Products

Made-in-America, union-made products available for every occasion. Check out our union-made page.

Are You a Union Member Needing Help During the Pandemic? The SICLC Hardship Fund Can Help

The newly founded SICLC Hardship Fund offers Union members in need assistance during this crisis. Reach out to your Local's Business Agent for guidance. In response to the hardships caused by this pandemic, the SICLC Council felt it was important to provide fast, local support available to our members.

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Make a Donation to the SICLC Hardship Fund

Support the Hardship Fund through with an online donation on Amazon Smile. Click the button to go directly to the donation page.

Union Solidarity Night: Everett vs. Victoria on Friday, Feb. 4th

Get your Solidarity Night tickets as the Silvertips take on the Royals Friday, Feb. 4th at Angel of the Winds Arena. Order Tickets

Buy Union for Holiday Dinners

This year make sure to Buy Union food and beverages and support your union family. Click the link for a list of union-made products that will make your holiday dinners delicious! Download Flyer

Snohomish County Adopts State's Strongest Apprenticeship Standard

The Snohomish County Council unanimously passed Substitute Ordinance 20-028 on Oct. 21 to strengthen apprenticeship utilization standards in Snohomish County. Read Article

Why Unions are Striking — and Winning More Public Support

The U.S. is experiencing an unusual surge of strikes — 10,000 John Deere workers went on strike in October, so did 1,400 Kellogg workers, and now 35,000 Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers are threatening to walk out. Read Article

Boeing Planes Still Just Trickling Out to Customers

Boeing production remained at a low ebb in October, reduced by limited demand during the pandemic, a slow ramp-up of the 737 MAX assembly line and a complete block on 787 Dreamliner deliveries. Read Article

Boeing Cuts Flight Training Pilots, Will Outsource Jobs Overseas

The Boeing Company delivered layoff notices to its remaining seven Flight Training Airplane (FTA) pilots and will instead send the critical work of providing on-site training to airline customers overseas. Read Article